Tour Bus Rental Price Comparison. We guarantee the best rates through our system.



PHBus works with a network of 10 high-quality and reliable bus companies across the country. Therefore we can always get an affordable price, no matter what's your departure day.


Why you should book via PHBus?

Choose PHBus if you want to find the cheapest bus charter service that will bring you to your destination. We compare several bus quotes and send you the most affordable one.

How does PHBus guarantee the quality and safety requirements of the bus and driver?

At PHBus we value safety and quality and therefore only work with coach companies that meet our safety and quality standards.


Available Tour Bus Rental Units



• Air-conditioned

• 28 Seating capacity

• Audio system AM/FM radio with CD player

• Safety seatbelts



• Fully Air-conditioned

• 50 Seating capacity


• Comfy seats

• Luggage compartment

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